Welcome to Dharmavaram!

Dharmavaram is located at a distance of 47 kms from Anantapur, Dharmavaram is well-connected both by rail and road. The place has derived its name from 'Dharmamba', the mother of 'Sri Kriyasakthi Odeyar' who constructed the local Dharmavaram tank More ...

Recent News and Updates

Dharmvaram website

Dharmavaram website relaunched, with design improvements and new saree gallery.

Coming soon ...

We will soon be launching our online saree of quality sarees from the makers of silk sarees since 1885.

Sarees available to buy

We started selling original Dharmavaram sarees to retailers and individual as well. For more details contact us.


We have been weaving sarees these since 1880. Currently there are 1500 silk houses and one lakh weaving looms in Dharmavaram. Saree cost ranges from 2000 to one lakh with usual price value at 8000.

Designs and Colors

Coming to types we can design the sarees by using kundans, chamkies and stones. Depending on the saree design the cost will vary. We do designs in all most all colors, More ...

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Vandana, Dharmavaram, Tel: 9849479586
Obulapathi Challa, USA, Tel: +1 773-336-2438

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